Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Second Update to Updated: A Lawyer Cannot Let a Flawed Argument Go By--IACP's Argument Is Unfair--A Note on the Criminal Side

There are just so many aspects and things to cover regarding court orders, subpoenas and warrants and how they work in the federal system and as I have mentioned before it is far beyond the scope of this blog to cover it all, but one more important thing to mention relates to criminal investigations.  If there is a federal criminal investigation ongoing, then most of the time the documents will be sealed if and until a federal grand jury returns an indictment or a complaint is filed.  Thus, the FDA would not be at liberty in these types of cases to disclose whether such court orders, subpoenas or warrants had been sought.  And if this information were to be disclosed, the party  disclosing it would be jeopardizing a federal investigation not to mention exposing oneself to extreme sanctions by the court.

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