Thursday, July 18, 2019

Federal judge enters consent decree against Arkansas food and medical product grocery warehouse for insanitary conditions

The U.S. District Court for the Western District of Arkansas ordered J and L Grocery, LLC. of Alma, Arkansas, the company’s owner, James T. White, and its manager, Lori A. Layne, to stop distributing food, drug products, medical devices and cosmetics until the company complies with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) and other requirements listed in a consent decree. According to the amended complaint, J and L Grocery held FDA-regulated products under insanitary conditions in which they may have become contaminated with filth, including widespread insect, rodent and other live animal infestation, in violation of federal law.

“U.S. consumers rely on the oversight and inspection efforts of the FDA to ensure that their foods and medical products are safe. We will not tolerate insanitary conditions at facilities—like J and L Grocery— that serve U.S. consumers. Product safety at all points in the supply chain must be a high priority, and distributors have a critical responsibility to ensure products are kept safe for Americans to consume or use,” said FDA Acting Commissioner Ned Sharpless, M.D. “When adulterated products make their way into the U.S. marketplace, it places consumers at risk. The FDA will continue our vigorous oversight and will take action to prevent the distribution of potentially contaminated products to the American people.”

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

4 hours ago - Under current state law, hemp is considered a Schedule I drug because it ... and it would further prohibit the state's Board of Pharmacy from listing hemp as a ..
20 hours ago - My pharmacist was telling me to consider changing my major before I get too far in ... I sometime blame our board for allowing a Max if 5 tries on a Naplex

Excellent Resource: Missouri Board of Pharmacy Practice Guide

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22 hours ago - As of 12/1/19, the Iowa Board of Pharmacy will require full compliance with United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) General Chapters <795>, <797>, and <800

Ohio Hospital Fires 23 After Fentanyl Overdose Deaths

Ohio Hospital Fires 23 After Fentanyl Overdose Deaths: On July 12, 2019, Mount Carmel Health System in Columbus, Ohio, announced the firing of 23 employees, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists and managers. The terminations were related to the deaths of 29 critically ill patients from fentanyl administered during hospitalization that resulted i...
14 hours ago - Electronic Drug Product Reporting for Human Drug Compounding ... Reporting for Human Drug Compounding Outsourcing Facilities Under Section 503B of the ...

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

State drug importation programs will work with the FDA, not outside of it

Law will require N.H. pharmacists to label opioids, hand out pamphlets detailing risks

2 Georgia pharmacists charged with fraud, drug diversion

State budget dumps current PBMs, gives pharmacists $100M

Feds: Wallington Doc, Fair Lawn Pharmacy Owners Defraud US Workers' Comp Out Of $10 Million

Taylor's Pharmacy Operator to Pay $107,000 Settlement to Feds By Spectrum News Staff Orange County PUBLISHED July 16, 2019 @3:54 PM

FDA and Pharmacy Weekly Digest - July 2019 #3

Texas Legislative Roundup: New Laws Impacting Employers from Ogletree Deakins

Get Ready, Texas: Paid Sick Leave May Soon Be On Its Way

  1. Get Ready, Texas: Paid Sick Leave May Soon Be On Its Way – (read more here).

2 pharmacists charged in fraud, diversion investigations in Baxley, Darien

US FDA Compounding Oversight: Not As Bad As FDA Makes It Sound?

3 hours ago - HHS Inspector General paints a more positive picture of FDA's efforts to bring high-volume compounding into better regulatory control than the agency's own

"Taxpayers appear to be getting cheated in other ways, as compounders’ reimbursement claims to federal programs have skyrocketed. Medicare Part D spending on compounded topical creams rose by more than 3,400% between 2006 and 2015."

quoted from Compounding pharmacies need stricter federal oversight

"State-level oversight of compounding pharmacies isn't enough to prevent illness and death from contaminated medicines. Greater federal oversight is needed."

21 hours ago - State-level oversight of compounding pharmacies isn't enough to prevent illness and death from contaminated medicines. Greater federal oversight is needed.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Federal investigators say conspirators in the scheme compounded drugs for maximum profits rather ... seizing various reco
But the authors say we could see similar trends in other drug categories where there is a big gap between list price and the net price paid by pharmacy benefit managers ... that employed a different ...
The pharmacy benefit management business ... We have a theme internally where we emphasize getting one percent better each ...
ALEXANDRIA, Va. — A former pharmacy owner in Alexandria, Va., plead guilty to fraudulently dispensing opioids. According to ...
The White House abandoned a push to end rebates paid to middlemen who negotiate drug prices on behalf of health insurers, a ...
After nine years of deliberation, the Pennsylvania Board of Pharmacy (Board) issued final regulations (effective June 22, ...