Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Question of the Day--A Response to the IACP's New Position

By Sue Tuck Richmond

Why is the IACP and others so critical of the FDA for things such as the failure to follow up on warning letters when there are also examples of the states failing to follow up after issuing warning letters and doing the exact same thing?  For example,  in Texas they have in the past allowed the pharmacies to merely submit a letter stating after a warning letter/violation notice that the pharmacy is now in compliance and has taken the appropriate action rather than reinspecting) or state pharmacy boards  that send the FDA correspondence to local FDA offices rather than finding out the specific and appropriate person in the FDA to address the referral that a pharmacy appears to be manufacturing and furthermore the state does no followup after hearing nothing from the FDA).  Also what about the fact that the states have failed to police these compounding pharmacies that the FDA has now found serious problems with.  It is easy to sit here and point the finger back and forth at the states and the FDA, but this ultimately solves nothing and only creates a further divide between the two.  Rather than blaming shouldn't we all be trying to solve the problem and find the right solution.  I am fairly should if we want to get involved in the blame game there is plenty of blame to go around.

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