Sunday, March 24, 2013

Washington State Board of Pharmacy Compounding State of Feb. 25, 2013 Re: Office Use and Patient Specific

Compounding Statement of February 25, 2013
Washington State Board of Pharmacy
Chris Humberson, R.Ph.
Executive Director

The Washington State Board of Pharmacy recently discussed pharmacy compounding and specifically WAC 246-878-020(4) at their Feb 21, 2013 meeting.  The board has always read (4) in conjunction with other subsections which specifically require a prescription for a compounded drug.  However, they agreed that (4), read independently, could allow a pharmacy to provide compounded products for a practitioner to administer to individual patients without a prescription for a specific patient.  Because this has clearly been the belief of some compounding pharmacies in Washington, the board decided it will honor this interpretation of the rule

The Board will continue the rule making process on compounding practices as voted on during their January 10, 2013 meeting to make sure pharmacy compounding is done under the appropriate standards to protect the health and safety of the people of Washington. They will involve all stakeholders in this process.

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