Wednesday, March 27, 2013

You Will Also Want to Read the Complaint Mentioned in DePaolo's Work Comp World

found here.  I think there are a whole lot more issues in false claims acts that we could be seeing filed in the future if employees will just start talking.

Ultimately the mom and pop compounders have been pointing the fingers at the fingers at the mega compounders saying they are manufacturing, they are the bad guys in this deal--  when in fact there maybe some mom and pop compounders and compounding pharmacies that are guilty in other areas. I think Congress needs to do a whole lot more investigating into what is going on in the compounding world--not only how the drugs are being made, but how the profit is being made.  How are small mom and pops in the United States making millions and millions of dollars each year off these compounded medications in the human world.

We have so much more work to be done than I ever imagined.  Hopefully, Congress and the State Board of Pharmacy realize that also.

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