Wednesday, March 27, 2013

PCCA Suggested Guidelines for Choosing a Compounding Pharmacy A Has some Excellent Suggestions For Choosing a Compounding Pharmacy

Suggested Guidelines for Choosing a Compounding Pharmacy

When you initially contact a compounding pharmacy, you may want to ask them for the following information:

  1. Does the pharmacy use PCCA-tested Formulas and Pharmaceutical Ingredients?
  2. What initial training is required for the pharmacy staff members when they begin working there?
  3. What ongoing education do staff members receive? Do they participate in formal continuing compounding education programs?
  4. Does the pharmacy have a quality assurance and continuous quality improvement program? Does the pharmacy have its compounded preparations tested for potency to ensure you are getting the right amount of medication? Do they test their sterile preparations to ensure sterility? Ask for details.
  5. How are patients educated on the appropriate use of their compounded prescriptions? Does the pharmacy conduct a review of all the patients' current medications along with any compounded preparations?
  6. If the pharmacy is in a different state than the one you reside in, and you are considering having them ship a compounded prescription to you, first verify that they are appropriately licensed to dispense prescriptions in your state as well.
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