Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Reminder: Louisiana Board of Pharmacy Is Holding a Hearing on May 30, 2013 to Address Changes to Office Use or Prescriber's Use Rules Relating to Compounding

2013-1 ~ Compounding for Prescriber's Use [Source: Regulatory Proposal 2013-D]               01-20-2013     1st Report: Notice of Intent
               02-27-2013     Public Hearing
               03-06-2013     Board considered comments; instructed staff to submit revised language for additional comment at a future public hearing.
               04-19-2013     Distributed electronic Notice of Rulemaking Activity to List of Interested Parties as well as all pharmacies and all pharmacists.
               04-20-2013     Potpourri Notice
               05-30-2013     Public Hearing

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