Thursday, May 30, 2013

Update: Texas Board of Pharmacy Is Seeking Pharmacits to Assist in Disciplinary Proceedings??? Are there Going to Be So Many Their Lawyers Can't Handle Them? Are Maybe so Complex and Relating to Compounding That It Makes More Sense for Pharmacists to Handle Them?

  1. TSBP is seeking pharmacists to assist in disciplinary proceedings, including case preparation and presentation for...

    Here is what the FB link says:

    TSBP is seeking pharmacists to assist in disciplinary proceedings, including case preparation and presentation for non-therapeutic dispensing and negligent practice cases. To learn more about this opportunity to advance professional care and concern for the practice of pharmacy, contact Caroline Hotchkiss at 512/305-8046.

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Kenneth Woliner, MD said...

State Departments of Health routinely use "expert opinions" by "physicians in the same specialty" and/or licensees in the same profession, to help determine if a case fell below "standard of care". This is not breaking news.

It would be breaking news if Texas's Board of Pharmacy revoked NuVision's pharmacy license for registering it under false pretenses (same address minus a suite number, same employees (pharmacists and pharmacy techs), same customers (if Apothecure no longer has a license in a state a patient/prescriber is in, I am going to assume they'll transfer the prescription to NuVision (which has a brand new clean license in many states).

Texas has some good compounding pharmacies. Houston is where PCCA and Eagle Analytical Services are based. This is the good part of Texas pharmacy practice. But Trxas has also coddled Apothecure (a.k.a. NuVision). This pharmacy has caused multiple patient deaths as it has been acting as a manufacturer and wholesale distributor without a license (or complying with safety regulations). The owner (Gary Osborn) is a convicted criminal. But, the pharmacy continues to exist and ship its dangerous drugs to other states (including states it does not have a license to operate in - as evidenced by the colchicine poisoning cases in Oregon a few years ago), and ship drugs to those unauthorized to receive them (I have a grudge against Apothecure because they have aided/abetted the unlicensed practice of medicine by a massage therapist (Wendy Lazar), who calls herself a naturopath (even though she has no such license), who "rents a MD license/DEA number", and when called on it, they decided to continue doing so, saying "Our hands are clean - it is the massage therapist breaking the law, not us.")

Kenneth Woliner, MD