Monday, May 27, 2013

Slaps on the Wrist Don't Work--

Excellent Comment from Dr. Woliner:

Slaps on the wrist don't stop these rogue pharmacies. Often, an unlicensed businessman will employ supervising pharmacists, paying them more than what they could working in a mill-like atmosphere of Walgreens-type pharmacies. Just as long as that pharmacist signs his name and license number, so this unlicensed manufacturer of drugs (disguised as a pharmacy), can make $ manufacturing and wholesaling drugs without the oversight and regulation a manufacturer needs to comply with. College Pharmacy in Colorado Springs, CO, is on probation for illegally importing and distributing contraband HGH from China. That doesn't stop them from manufacturing and wholesaling other drugs, even the silly "sublingual HCG" which, at 4.5 times larger than insulin, can't be absorbed sublingually (and has been disproven to have any effect on weight loss). These pharmacies are gambling that no one is going to take the time to file complaints, that the complaints won't be promptly investigated, and for " on A Tennessee compounding pharmacy--Main Street Family Pharmacy--Was On Probation in Tennessee!!

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