Friday, May 31, 2013

Question of the Day: May 31, 2013 In Doing Research For this Blog, I Find It Unreal that Without Even Looking I Saw Three Job Openings Relating to Sales or Marketing Reps at Compounding Pharmacies

Is it odd that Pharmacies Seem to Be Expanding in the Compounding World With All the Negativity Surrounding Them Right Now?  Wouldn't One Expect More Pharmacists and Pharmacies to Be Cautious in this Area?  Is the Expansion Just a Sign of the Greed? Or is it simply that Pharmacies and Pharmacists See A Need in this Area at this Time?

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Anonymous said...

This is the perfect time for healthy compound pharmacies to expand. One's with poor operating standards know they have to get out because they will not survive under the stringent watch of the FDA. They will be looking to sell their customers lists for next to nothing. Healthy compound pharmacies could greatly expand their business with little effort.