Friday, May 31, 2013

Question of the Day: May 30, 2013 Isn't it Unbellieveable that No State Seems to Really Knows How Many Pharmacies Compound Mediciations in their State or Ship into Their State, and in some cases

state board of pharmacy don't know how many compounding pharmacies they inspected last year?

One example of this is Texas.  When you research a pharmacy on Texas State Board of Pharmacy (TSBP) website the information for compounding-especially sterile compounds may contain no information simple because the pharmacy failed to submit it; not became it does not do sterile compounds.  It is my understanding that TSBP is working on correcting this flaw in its system. Another example, Oklahoma Board of Pharmacy does not keep track of inspections other than the total number of pharmacies it inspects in a year.  States simple must do a better job of gather, collecting and publicizing this type of information, but his takes resources and money in the budget.

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