Monday, May 6, 2013

Question of the Day: 5/6/2013 Will the Proposed Federal Legislation Relating to Compounding If Enacted As Written Ultimately Prevent Another Outbreak Like Occurred at NECC?

No legislation can totally ensure another outbreak will not happen.  However, what is the percentage of an outbreak occurring if this proposed legislation is enacted?  What is the maximum percentage of risk we as consumers of compounded medications and drugs for humans and animals should accept?  Less than 10 percent?  Less than 40? As long as the  compounders that qualify as "compounding manufacturers" are covered by federal legislation is this enough?  Again isn't what we as consumers want is the best possible odds that we get the best possible compounded medications as possible?  To do this isn't one of the first things that has to happen is for more states to enforce the current rules and regulations and not just pay lip serve to them.  It is one thing to announce what a state's rules are. It is another to actually inspect, writeup, fine, shut down, recall and demand 100 percent compliance with those rules and regulations that are already on the books. 

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