Sunday, May 12, 2013

Plans for the Future of the Law of Compounding Medications and Drugs Blog

I am considering making the blog a private blog in the future.  There would still be no charge to view it, but you would have to be an authorized user to read it and I could quickly  send those folks updates and breaking news.  It would also allow me the ability to exclude readers who attempt to prevent me from presenting the truth about the compounding industry and those who are constantly trying to influence what I write.  I appreciate everyone who has joined my circle of friends on Google, connected with me on Linkin, follows my tweets, and are fans on Facebook.  I especially appreciate all who have sent me personal emails encouraging me to share the truth and continue with the blog.  A special thanks to Sarah Sellers and Dr. Kenneth Woliner for their comments and ideas about the blog.  Last but not least, thank you to my dear friend  who wants to remain nameless  for calling me, meeting me for coffee and lunch, for always being there for me when others aren't, who always encourages me to write, and who  constantly shows his respect for me in everything he does for me.    I know that I don't tell you thank you enough for a friendship that started many years ago.  Any thoughts or comments from readers on making the blog private would be greatly appreciated.

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