Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Follow up to State Board of Pharmacy of Colorado v. Med Stop Total Care, No. 2012-6791, Stipulation and Final Order

The violation that was stipulated  to in State Board of Pharmacy, State of Colorado v. Med Shop Total Care, Case No. 2012-6791, is minor compared to the laws being violated by a number of compounding pharmacies.  In this case, Med Shop admitted that it "manufactured a prescription drug" not approved by the FDA and introduced it into interstate commerce. Med Shop paid a fine of $1.000.00 and a surcharge of 10% for a total of $1,100.00 under the stipulation and final order.   The stipulation can be viewed here.  What is somewhat amazing to me is the number of pharmacies who do far worse--labels are incorrect, commercially  available drugs being compounded, not test conducted on sterile compounds- and there  is no fine or the same type of fine.  Kudos to any   Board of Pharmacy that is enforcing its rules and regulations against compounders who violates the rules and regulations, but how about going after some of those compounding pharmacies that are doing far worse also.
In the future I will do a post on a compounding pharmacy were the inspection report documented serious violations but no discipline was imposed by the state.

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