Friday, December 28, 2012

Salem woman files $25 million lawsuit over meninigitis outbreak

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As more and more people were diagnosed with fungal meningitis in the Roanoke Valley lawsuits began to pop up against the two companies believed to be responsible, Insight Imaging in Roanoke which gave the epidural steroid injection and New England Compounding Pharmacy which created the drug.
But now we're learning more about the extent of the allegations thanks to a $25 million lawsuit filed in Roanoke City Circuit Court on Thursday.
The 35 page lawsuit details alleged neglect and fraud by both companies.
In one of the more serious allegations the lawsuit claims Insight Imaging told patients they were receiving Depo-Medrol, a FDA approved steroid injection.
Instead patients received a different injection produced and distributed by the New England Compounding Pharmacy that was not FDA approved, this is according to the lawsuit.
"That's extremely troubling because it's just completely false," said Scott Sexton of Gentry Locke Rakes & Moore, the law firm representing 20 victims and their families. "It doesn't provide the right information to the patient or to the patient's insurer."
Sharon Wingate filed the $25 million lawsuit after her husband died of meningitis.
He received the epidural steroid injection from Insight Imaging in Roanoke earlier this year.
"It's rare to have those facts line up as they do in this case where you have a patient receiving one thing but he's being told it's another," Sexton said.
The lawsuit also alleges the Boston based New England Compounding Pharmacy, which is located next to a garbage dump, used unsanitary methods to produce the drug.
WSLS contacted Insight Imaging for their response to the lawsuit but our call was not returned.
Six more lawsuits were filed against the company on Friday and Sexton said more could be on the way next week.
It's the beginning of what will likely be a long legal process.
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