Monday, December 31, 2012

Finding Compounding and Stability

December 2012
Finding Compounding and Stability
Information in the IDIS 4.0 Drug Database

Pharmacists are sometimes called upon to compound a drug product for a patient. The key to
finding information related to extemporaneous preparation of drug products in the IDIS 4.0 Drug
Database is Descriptor PREPARATION 35. “Extemporaneous Compounding” and “Extemporaneous
Preparation” are cross-referenced to descriptor PREPARATION 35.  The IDIS 4.0 definition for
descriptor 35 is “Preparation of a drug immediately prior to administration to the patient, (e.g., pH
adjustment, dilution, extemporaneous techniques, directions for in vivo or in vitro labeling of
radiopharmaceuticals”).  Combining a drug or drug names with descriptor PREPARATION 35 and an administration descriptor (e.g. ADMIN RECTAL 101 or TOPICAL 65) is a good search strategy for finding articles related to compounding and preparing drug products for a specific unique route of

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