Sunday, September 9, 2012

AAEP's 58th Annual Convention

The AAEP's 58th Annual Convention, See It All: Deeper Insights Into Equine Medicine will be held December 1-5, 2012 in Anaheim, California.  There are a number of topics during this convention, but listed below are a few:

Ethics, Scope of Practice, and Racing
Moderator: Reynolds Cowles, Jr.
Sponsored by Merial, maker of GASTROGARD® (omeprazole).

1:30Regulation of Veterinary Medicine  Stephen S. Galloway
1:55Decisions That Matter: The Complementary Roles of Law, Morals, and Ethics in Equine Practice  F. Richard Lesser
2:20Addressing the Ethical Challenges of Veterinary Practice in a Pari-Mutuel Environment  Scott E. Palmer
2:40Ethical Issues for the Racetrack Practitioner: A Daily Requirement  Jeff A. Blea
3:00VCPR: Racing  Jeff A. Blea; Sport Horse/Surgery/Ambulatory  Karen A. Nyrop; Pleasure/Broodmare  F. Richard Lesser;VCPR Overview - Harry W. Werner
3:20Panel for Case-Based Discussion 

Moderator: Reynolds Cowles, Jr.
Panelists: Jeff A. Blea, Stephen S. Galloway, F. Richard Lesser, Karen A. Nyrop, Scott E. Palmer, and Kim Volle

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