Sunday, September 9, 2012

Arizona's Veterinary Medical Examining Board Statute Regarding Dispensing of Drugs and Devices

Arizona's veterinary statute regarding dispensing of drugs and devices provides:

Article 7  Dispensing of drugs and devices
32-2281. Dispensing of drugs and devices; conditions; definition
A. A veterinarian may dispense drugs and devices kept by the veterinarian if:
 1. All prescription-only drugs are dispensed in packages labeled with the following
  (a) The dispensing veterinarian's name, address and telephone number.
  (b) The date the drug is dispensed.
  (c) The animal owner's name and the animal's or herd's identification.
  (d) The name, strength and quantity of the drug, directions for its use and any
        cautionary statements.
  2. The dispensing veterinarian enters into the medical record the name, strength and
quantity of the drug dispensed, the date the drug is dispensed and the therapeutic
B. The Board shall adopt rules providing that the animal's owner or the person responsible
for the animal shall be notified that some prescription-only drugs may be available at a
pharmacy and a written prescription may be provided to the animal's owner or the person
responsible for the animal if requested.
C. A veterinarian shall dispense only to the animal's owner or person responsible for the
animal he is treating and only for conditions being treated by that veterinarian.  The
veterinarian shall supervise the dispensing process.  In this subsection, "supervision" means
that a veterinarian makes the determination as to the legitimacy or the advisability of the drugs
or devices to be dispensed.
D. This section shall be enforced by the Board which shall establish rules regarding access
to, labeling, record keeping, storage and packaging of drugs that are consistent with the
requirements of chapter 18 of this title.  The Board may conduct periodic inspections of
dispensing practices to assure compliance with this section and applicable rules.
E. For the purposes of this section, "dispense" means the delivery by a veterinarian of a
prescription-only drug or device to an animal, an animal's owner or the person responsible for
an animal and includes the prescribing, administering, packaging, labeling and security
necessary to prepare and safeguard the drug or device for delivery.

The statute can be found here.

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