Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Compounding Rules Will Be Effective in January 2015 in North Dakota

Pharmacy Inspections
It is the time of the year for pharmacy inspections to occur. By the time this Newsletter gets to you, inspections for most pharmacies will be complete. For those of you still waiting, as a reminder, the emphasis of the inspections this year will include:
♦ Use and compliance of Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
♦ Counseling or offer to counsel on all prescriptions by the pharmacist
♦ CII controlled substance audit: one done before the inspector arrives
and one during inspection
♦ Information on new hospital first dose review rule effective June
♦ Information on new compounding rules effective January 2015

Taken from the September 2012 Newsletter found here.
These are the rules that must be complied with by 2015 here.

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