Friday, June 27, 2014

Here is a prediction on cafepharma board about sales reps and transdermal creams....

05-31-2014, 07:08 AM
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Default Enough of the compounding

To all you "sales reps" selling the "transdermal creams, be ready for the harsh reality of a new reimbursement. The insurance companies are well aware of what's happening and are already changing the reimbursement rates.

It's over!
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Unread 06-16-2014, 11:33 AM
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Default Re: Enough of the compounding

Yeah its going down soon


Kenneth Woliner, MD said...

The sooner that insurance companies stop reimbursing compounding pharmacies (and their sales reps) based on grossly inflated "Average Wholesale Price" lists that have nothing to do with the average wholesale price pharmacies pay to buy the raw active ingredients in these pain creams, the better. Reimbursement should be based upon the ACTUAL cost for providing services, or the ACTUAL value of the services provided. These pain creams are dispensed in buckets to patients, much of it not being used because it isn't as effective as touted. Why it had to take 5-10 years before insurance companies realized and reacted to being raped by rogue pharmacies abusing the system, is beyond me.

Sue Richmond said...

Well said. I agree!!