Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Florida: office use

"Office Use" FDA 2014 Sterile Compounding Regulations

Due to this ever changing landscape the Florida board of Pharmacy has passed a rule making it unlawful for a pharmacy with a Florida license to fill an "OFFICE USE" sterile compounded prescription for human use
(rule 64816-27-700).

This means that any pharmacy located in the state of Florida, or any pharmacy that has a license to ship into the state of Florida, cannot fill an office use sterile compounded prescription for a human unless they have aspecific permit that requires they register with the FDA. We do not have that type of license.
We will still be able to ship a patient specific prescription.
As always if the patient specific prescription is a scheduled drug it must be shipped directly to the consumer.
If it is a non-schedule drug it can be shipped to either the patient or the clinic.
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