Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fifth Question of the Day June 28, 2014 If OTC acne medications are causing heath problems and risks, what about all the compounded acne treatments and skin care products that compounding pharmacies are making? And why aren't companies with patents bringing patent infringements?

This is a photo of a Blemish Blaster Acne Wash that a local compounding pharmacy makes.  Interestingly, a pharmacy tech mixed it up in less than 30 minutes and promised it was the equivalent to what Proactive makes and includes the same ingredients.  In fact, the compounding pharmacy has an entire line of acne products it compounds.   The first question is what about Proactive's patent.  The second question is with the recent FDA alert regarding acne treatments what is the harm being done by all the compounded skin care treatments, especially acne treatments.

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