Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Question of the Day: June 4, 2013 How Many Compounding Pharmacists Are Currently In Or Have Been to Prison? What Crimes Where They Charged With? How Many Just Received Probation?

Should more or less have gone to prison?  Certainly attorneys have had their fair share of members go to prison for some really bad crimes?  Are Compounding Pharmacists Any Better or Worse As A Whole Than Any Other Profession When It Comes to Members of the Group Who Give Everyone in the Group a Bad Name?  What can the profession of Compounding Pharmacists do to show the public that it is not protecting the bad members?  Does the FDA or the states have to determine they are bad before the group of compounding pharmacists ( such as IACP) will take action and not allow them to be member? Are does there actually have to be a civil or criminal finding of liability?  And what kind of action should groups like IACP take against bad members?  This is a separate question that what state boards of pharmacies should do once a civil or criminal finding of liability has been made.

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