Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pharmacies Sending Sterile Compounds into Florida Need to Stay On Top of Law Changes

Special Sterile Compounding Permit Application Information
The Florida Board of Pharmacy is developing a new application which will be required for certain
pharmacies who will engage in the preparation of compounding sterile products.  The application is not
yet available.  You are not required to apply until Rule 64B16-28.100, Florida Administrative Code, is
finalized and adopted to include the new form DH-MQA 1270.
All permitees, with the exception of stand alone Special Parenteral/Enteral and Special
Parenteral/Enteral Extended Scope, that are currently compounding sterile products are required to
submit this application and will be issued a new Special Sterile Compounding permit number (in
addition to your usual pharmacy permit).
This website will be updated with information and instructions on how and when to submit your
Those applying for this permit will be required to submit information from current policies and
procedures which will be reviewed before an inspection is requested

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