Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Citizens for Health Opposes Senate 959-Compounders and Consumers Worry FDA Will Eliminate BHRT -one change to draft that could be made now to draft to ensure this does not happen is for Congress to add list of drugs or compounds FDA cannot remove without Congressional action/ approval And also include private citizens as blog suggested before on committee who creates Do Not Compound List

Preserve Access to BHRT and Stop FDA Expansion of Power

A bill will be voted on soon that would restrict or eliminate your access to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) and give the FDA broad and unprecedented power to regulate compounding pharmacy.
S. 959, The "Pharmaceutical Compounding Quality and Accountability Act", would empower the FDA to ban certain compounding components if, in their opinion, they represent public health concerns.
S. 959 takes a stronger anti-patient stance than any proposed legislation seen in years and is another example of the ever-widening control the FDA is trying to impose on our bodies.
In 2008 the FDA attempted to restrict the female hormone estriol in response to a Citizen Petition from a drug company that marketed competing synthetic hormones. The FDA imposed import bans and sent warning letters to pharmacies and suppliers in an effort to prevent women from acquiring BHRT with estriol, but had no power of enforcement. S. 959 gives the FDA that power.
The bill goes even further - S. 959 would vastly expand FDA authority over all biological products except human blood and blood components for transfusion, effectively allowing the FDA to shut down nearly all adult stem cell treatments. This would not only set back critical research, but it would compromise access to existing treatments - all in the name of protecting the interests of big pha

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