Thursday, June 27, 2013

DEA: 8 arrested in Spice crackdown St. George may have been base for Spice ring

ST. GEORGE — Federal law enforcement officials unveiled a criminal complaint Wednesday alleging a synthetic drug trafficking ring with global reach was headquartered in St. George.
Fourteen Utahns have been arrested on charges of conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance (Spice), eight of them in Washington County, as part of what the Drug Enforcement Administration is labeling its largest synthetic drug take-down in history including 35 states, 49 cities and five countries.
“The complaint alleges that this organization manufactured here in Washington County and distributed throughout the United States thousands of pounds of Spice, and the proceeds garnered from that distribution totaled up to $12 million,” assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Lund said during a news conference at Purgatory Correctional Facility.
Lund said the potential street value of the Spice mentioned in the federal complaint was more than $17 million.
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