Sunday, April 28, 2013

South Dakota Board of Pharmacy Distinction Between Compounding and Manufacturing

Compounding and Manufacturing
Over the last several months, there have been numerous
communications as to the definition of compounding
versus manufacturing. South Dakota Codified Law 36-
11-2(5) defines compounding “as the preparation, mixing,
assembling, packaging or labeling of a drug or drug
device as a result of a practitioner’s prescription drug
order or an initiative based on the pharmacist/patient/
practitioner relationship in the course of professional
practice,” eg, patient-specific. Manufacturing on the
other hand, as defined by the National Association of
Boards of Pharmacy® is “preparation of non-patient specific
products where the primary focus is on the product;
not the patient.” Organizations that are manufacturing
must be permitted by Food and Drug Administration.

Quoted from South Dakota Board of Pharmacy April 2013 Newsletter

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