Saturday, April 27, 2013

Compounding Policy Update from AVMA

We want to thank our members who shared their input on the proposed revisions to the AVMA’s Compounding and Compounding from Unapproved (Bulk) Substances policies. We received some great input.
Getting member feedback on these policies is critical, because we recognize there’s a balance to be struck between the necessity to use FDA-approved drugs with known safety and efficacy, while also meeting your compounding needs and those of your patients. We all recognize that compounding is a critical tool for specific patients with special needs that can’t always be met by FDA-approved drugs.
Word has it that the Senate is drafting federal legislation that could be introduced very soon. Therefore, our volunteer governance groups are going to be working as quickly as possible to solidify the AVMA’s compounding policies so that we can use them to advocate on your behalf on Capitol Hill, in defense of your compounding needs.
Stay tuned, because we will need your help communicating AVMA’s policies to members of Congress when legislation is ultimately introduced. In the meantime, we have helpful compounding resources on our website, including a new PDFyou can review to find out if you’re following the current rules.
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