Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Question of the Day: 4/30/2013 Doesn't Congress Needs to Listen to the Experts in the Field--the Ones Who Deal with the Real World of Compounding?

In reading articles recently posted, it is apparent that there is still much misunderstanding about compounding, compounding pharmacies and the state of the law.  If as some commentators say, "the FDA dropped the ball"  then why is there a need for new federal legislation giving them authority over some compounders if in fact they had authority over all compounders or at least the group recently inspected by them?  If the FDA did not drop the ball  and thus did not have authority to regulate, then isn't it true the states dropped the ball and that there may be a need for additonal federal legislaton of some kind?

Doesn't it make sense for Congress to get more input from the people who actually deal with compounding everyday?  Why not call leading pharmcist in compounding and knowledgeable marketing directors that deal with the realities of compounding to testify before them and get their input in how the federal legislation should be drafted?

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