Tuesday, April 30, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: TN governor signs bill easing compounding--No Requirement Anymore for Patient-Specific Prescription

Gov. Bill Haslam has quietly signed into law a bill that eliminates a Tennessee requirement that pharmacists have a patient-specific prescription before dispensing a specially compounded drug.
The measure, which was backed by the Tennessee Pharmacists Association and sponsored by two legislators who are licensed pharmacists, comes in the wake of a nationwide fungal meningitis outbreak blamed on a Massachusetts drug compounding firm.
Alexia Poe, spokeswoman for the governor, said state Health Department officials worked with legislators to put in safeguards to ensure patient safety.
Those provisions include a requirement that pharmacists doing compounding filequarterly reports with the state on the volume of compounded drugs they are producing. That reporting requirement, however, does not apply to hospital pharmacies.
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