Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Animal Health International Sentenced on Federal Misbranding Charge

Animal Health International Sentenced on Federal Misbranding Charge
ABINGDON, Va. – Animal Health International Inc. (AHI), a Colorado corporation that obtains prescription drugs for animals from manufacturers for further distribution to veterinarians, farms, feedlots, and other facilities, was sentenced today, through its corporate counsel, in U.S. District Court after previously pleading guilty in February 2020 to introducing misbranded drugs into interstate commerce.

At the time of the guilty plea, Patterson Companies, Inc. (Patterson), AHI’s corporate parent, entered into a non-prosecution agreement in which it committed to enhance its compliance program and fully comply with the law.

AHI admitted to introducing and causing the introduction and delivery into interstate commerce of veterinary prescription drugs that were misbranded. Today, pursuant to the agreements entered into by AHI and Patterson, AHI were ordered to pay a forfeiture money judgment of over $46 million, $1 million to the Virginia Department of Health Professionals, and a $5 million fine. All of those amounts have been paid in full pursuant to the plea agreement, which required AHI to make full payment prior to pleading guilty. In addition, AHI was placed on probation for a period of one year. In the past 18 months, Patterson has fully cooperated in the investigation and implemented changes to AHI’s and its compliance programs to prevent further violations of federal and state law.

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