Thursday, January 28, 2016

Wolf of Wesley Chapel: How to find the complaint and detailed affidavit in U.S. v. Assets Identified in Paragraph One of Verified Compliant, 8:15-CV-02224 (Middle District of Florida) relating to compounded pain cream fraud

You will need a Pacer account.  For more information on Pacer see  PACER 101:  A Primer on Access to Federal Court Documents-- Not Just Attorneys Have Access to Them.  After you have signed in at you will click on Court Links. Next, you will look under the District Court head for the Middle District of Florida and click on that link.  Then click on the link that says Middle District of Florida-Document Filing System. On the next page are several items at the top, one of which is Query. Click on the word Query. The next page will include a fill in the box form. You can simply type in the case number provide above and hit Run Query.  Once the case name appears at the top of the next page, you can click on the link Docket Report, which will take you to a list of the documents filed in the case.  You can then click on the documents you want to read or save. Remember your Pacer account will be billed based on what you view in Pacer but each time you will see a box with the number of pages and the amount you will be billed for.

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