Friday, January 29, 2016

Question of the Day January 29, 2016

How far reaching do the profits from the Tricare compounding fraud scandal go? Who in the compounding industry has profited most from the Tricare fraud scandal?  The compounders?  The marketers?  The doctors? The suppliers of the API? Normally forfeiture allows for the proceeds of the fraud to be recovered even if that party is not part of the criminal prosecution?  How many who have profited or received proceeds from these crimes will ultimately lose assets?  How many are willing to voluntarily return the proceeds of these frauds?  Have any of these proceeds been used to lobby or to influence legislators? Will those funds be recovered?  How can the government recover the entire amount of the fraud that made its way into the economy? In cases where proceeds cannot be recovered for some reason, the court can allow substitution of assets.  Will substitution of assets be used in these cases?  

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