Saturday, November 24, 2012

Updated: 11/24/2012 9:55:47 AM EST Health Dept. Takes Action Against Pharmacy A compounding pharmacy in Tamarac has been suspended, following a less than glowing inspection.

by Alan McBride

Florida Department of Health issued an Emergency Suspension Order of People's Choice Pharmacy, a compounding pharmacy located in Tamarac.

The order immediately suspended People's from operating as a community, sterile products, and special compounding pharmacy in the state of Florida.

The order comes after the department had conducted a routine pharmacy inspection of People's Choice Pharmacy in mid-October.

The inspection revealed that the pharmacy lacked quality assurance in high-risk sterile compounding.

It was also found that the pharmacy's use of unlicensed personnel for high-risk sterile compounding endangered the public.

The Department found further that People's Choice Pharmacy's failure to maintain adequate sanitation increased the likelihood that the medications compounded at this facility may become contaminated.

The issues inspectors reported finding gain substantially more public attention in the wake of a scandal involving tainted steroidal compounds.

the company NECC has been all but shuttered after medicine it compounded was traced to cases of fungal meningitis.

There have been three deaths in Florida as a result of fungal meningitis.

Emergency suspension or restriction orders are not considered final agency action but are imposed when the subject's actions pose an immediate serious danger to public health, as specified by section 456.074, Florida Statutes.

The subject is entitled to a hearing before final action is taken by a regulatory board or by DOH.

The suspension, however, will remain in effect until final disciplinary action is taken, the suspension is lifted, or the case is successfully appealed.

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