Saturday, November 24, 2012

15 meningitis lawsuits filed in N.J. over tainted steroids

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 23, 2012, 11:03 PM

Fifteen lawsuits, including nine this week, have been filed in New Jersey by patients exposed to or sickened by fungal meningitis in the fatal nationwide outbreak caused by tainted steroid medication.
The lawsuits in Superior Court in Cumberland County name New England Compounding Center in Massachusetts, as well as the doctors and health care facilities that provided the injections to treat chronic pain. They include South Jersey Regional Medical Center in Vineland and Premier Orthopaedic Associates of Southern New Jersey, which has offices in Vineland and Elmer.
Several of the patients who filed suit were hospitalized for treatment of fungal meningitis, including Jose A. Ramos, a 35-year-old Millville resident who received an injection for back pain in August. He “has suffered with headaches, visual disturbances and neck stiffness,” the lawsuit said, noting that “he will continue to take oral anti-fungal medication and pain medication … continue to receive blood testing to monitor his liver function; [and] also follow-up with CDC physicians.”
Others described severe nausea, headaches, neck pain, increased back pain, sensitivity to light, and dizziness in their suits. After the recall, one woman underwent two failed spinal taps to confirm her diagnosis before being hospitalized to undergo a third. The original reason for her injection in June was to treat back pain.

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