Monday, July 30, 2012

Alabama Rules Regarding Medicaid Reimbursement

Alabama Rules Regarding Medicaid Reimbursement provide:

Compound Drugs for Non-Pharmacy Providers
The compound drug must not be commercially available, and the active
ingredient of the compound drug must follow coverage policy of drugs
(FDA approved, non-DESI, not obsolete, etc).
When a provider administers a drug that must be purchased from a
compounding pharmacy because it is no longer commercially available
(e.g. due to the manufacturer no longer marketing the product), the
applicable claim form may be submitted for consideration of payment.  The
billed amount should represent the lesser of the actual acquisition cost for
the drug or Medicaid rate on file (ASP CMS pricing) at the time of service.
When billing the HCPCS code for a purchased compounded drug, only
one NDC can be used per procedure code.  Providers must use the
HCPCS procedure code, billing units and corresponding covered NDC
number on the claim form; for example, J1094 Injection, dexamethasone
acetate, 1 mg.  The NDC billed should be the one that represents the drug
as described in the HCPCS code definition, in this case dexamethasone
acetate.  See the section entitled “Calculation of Billing Units and
Wastage” for information on calculating billing units.
The Agency does not reimburse non-pharmacy providers for prescription
compounding time or non-covered ingredients used in the compounding
process.  The Alabama Medicaid Agency only reimburses for the
compounding time by the billing of NDC numbers through the Pharmacy
This guideance can be found here.

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