Friday, July 13, 2012

Virginia Passes Bill to Expand Pharmacist's Compounding Authority: HB 733

Virginia laws now grant pharmacists additional authority to compound.  The article below explains the new law and can be found here

Pharmacists; compounding authority. (HB733)

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Pharmacists; compounding authority.  Increases pharmacists' authority to compound to allow the compounding of (i) a commercially manufactured drug whose manufacturer has notified the FDA that the drug is unavailable due to a current drug shortage, or (ii) a commercially manufactured drug when the prescriber has indicated in the prescription for an individual patient that there is an emergent need for a drug that is not readily available. Amends § 54.1-3410.2 (“Compounding; pharmacists' authority to compound under certain conditions; labeling and record maintenance requirements.”), of the Code of Virginia.


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