Wednesday, May 9, 2012

State Boards of Pharmacy Reported 4324 disciplinary actions in 2011

The April 2012 Newsletter of the National Association of Board of Pharmacy reports that state boards of pharmacy reported 4,324 disciplinary actions to the NABP Clearinghouse in 2011.  The percentages of the disciplinary actions report are as follows:

Probation of License (19.7%)
Administrative or Publicly Available Fine/Monetary Penalty (14.8%)
Revocation of License (12.5%)
Suspension of License (11%)
Voluntary Surrender of License (10.7%)
Miscellaneous* (10%)
License Restored or Reinstated,
Complete and Conditional (9.2%)
Reprimand or Censure (9%)
Summary or Emergency Suspension of License (3%)

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