Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Franck's Mentioned in Florida Department of Health Document Showing Verbal Agreement

On the Florida Department of Health, A Best Practice Submission, shows the following with regard to Franck's Pharmacy:

An anonymous donor contacted Dr. Mike Jordan, Executive Director of the Marion County Children’s Alliance, in the summer of 2007 and volunteered to establish a fund of
$4000.00 to assist medically and financially needy children in Marion County. The Marion
County Children’s Alliance is a community organization working toward providing a safe,
healthy and nurturing environment for all children. Dr. Mike Jordan, Marion County
Children’s Alliance Executive Director, contacted Barbara Timmington, RN, Marion County
Health Department School Health Supervisor, to request the assistance of School Nurses
as the referral source for financially and medically needy students. A Marion County
Health Department Standard Operating Procedure was created to determine the method
of implementation of this funding source. No money was transferred or utilized by the
Marion County Health Department staff. A referral request form was created to verify
financial need. The form indicates the medical need and justification of financial need (free
and reduced lunch). The School Nurses complete the form and fax it to the School Health
Supervisor. The School Health Supervisor conducts an investigation into cost, availability
and possible delivery to the student. A verbal agreement with a local pharmacy (Franck’s 
Pharmacy), established a cost effective supply source for medications and durable 
medical supplies with free delivery if needed. The School Health Supervisor obtains the 
lowest quoted price for the requested supply and then contacts the Pharmacy partner to 
advise quote.  The referral form with a prescription copy is faxed to the Pharmacy partner.

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