Friday, February 26, 2021

Are some in the compounding pharmacy now advocating for federal standardized laws, rules and regulations that apply across all states rather than each state having their own patchwork set up laws, rules and regulations that are constantly changing? Why or why not? Should we now have the Uniform Compounding Pharmacy Code similar to other areas of law such as the Uniform Commercial Code? Why or why not?

Has the argument changed from pre-NECC days of the rules and regulations are fine--they just need to be followed and enforced to now an argument of they are constantly changing.  Is it that the compounding industry doesn't like it when the rules and regulations are actually enforced? Isn't it ironic how many have been charged with fraud and violating the rules and regulations that were in place--in place when this industry argued the rules just needed to be enforced. Rarely do those in the industry address or explain what they have done to correct that problem which was more than just a few bad apples--as many in the industry suggested at the time. Perhaps one could argue it is hard to argue for a position of an industry when the position of the industry keeps changing.  What exactly does the industry want to happen at this point?

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