Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Colorado county sues drug companies over opioid crisis

Denver Business Journal-6 hours ago
A rural southern Colorado county has filed suit in federal court against several drugmakers and distributors, accusing them of contributing to the opioid-overdose crisis. The suit is novel for Colorado, but follows complaints filed by other local governments elsewhere in connection with prescription opioids, generally seeking ...
County blames drug firms for opioid epidemic in lawsuit
Seattle Times-3 hours ago
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The lawsuit says citizens were falsely induced to take opioids

The Denver Post-Jan 29, 2018
The lawsuit is the first of its kind filed by a local government in Colorado. It claims that Huerfano residents were falsely induced to take highly addictive opioids for pain management. The lawsuit claims the opioid epidemic was caused by drug manufacturers engaging in fraudulent and deceptive marketing and by distributors ...

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