Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Updated List of Registered Outsourcing Facilities as of December 9, 2016

Updated as of 12/9/16
This table lists the outsourcing facilities that have submitted registration information that has been determined to be complete by the data lock date for the latest weekly update of the table. 
Facility NameInitial Date of Registration as an Outsourcing Facility1Date of Most Recent Registration as an Outsourcing Facility1End Date of Last FDA Inspection Related to Compounding2Was a Form FDA-483 issued?3Other Action, if Any, Based on Last Inspection4,5Intends to Compounds Sterile Drugs From Bulk Drug Substances6
American Specialty Pharmacy, San Antonio, TX12/22/201512/22/2015Not yet inspectedN/AN/AYes
AnazaoHealth Corporation, Las Vegas, NV9/23/201410/18/20161/30/2015YesWarning Letter - 12/9/2015Yes
Auro Pharmacies, Inc, DBA Central Drugs, 511 S. Harbor Blvd, Bldg F, La Habra, CA9/1/201610/19/201612/2/2016YesOpenYes
Avella of Deer Valley, Inc. #38, Phoenix, AZ6/21/201610/8/2016Not yet inspectedN/AN/AN/A
Avella Specialty Pharmacy, Phoenix, AZ2/24/201410/13/20167/31/2015YesOpen7No
Banner Health, Chandler, AZ12/26/201311/23/20163/20/2015YesWarning Letter - 5/5/16No
Bioserv Corporation, San Diego, CA2/23/20162/23/2016Not yet inspectedN/AN/AYes
BSO LLC, Lakewood, CO11/24/201511/7/20169/2/2016YesOpenYes
Brookfield Medical/Surgical Supply, Inc., Brookfield, CT1/12/201512/23/20154/9/2015YesWarning Letter - 7/5/2016Yes
California Pharmacy and Compounding Center, Newport Beach, CA4/30/201411/18/20168/31/2016YesOpen7Yes
Cantrell Drug Company, Little Rock, AR12/16/201310/12/201610/14/2016YesCeased sterile operations and recalled sterile productsYes
Central Admixture Pharmacy Services, Inc., Allentown, PA2/28/201411/3/20169/19/2016YesOpen7Yes
Central Admixture Pharmacy Services, Inc., San Diego, CA
6/4/201411/3/20168/8/2014YesWarning Letter - 8/18/16No
Coastal Meds LLC, Biloxi, MS12/23/201412/6/20169/23/2015YesWarning Letter - 6/22/2016Yes
Complete Pharmacy and Medical Solutions, LLC, Miami Lakes, FL6/6/201412/31/20158/12/2014YesWarning Letter - 3/10/2016Yes
Delta Pharma, Inc., Ripley, MS8/6/201410/26/20165/24/2016YesOpen7Yes
Eagle Pharmacy, Inc., Birmingham, AL6/16/201510/20/20168/21/2015YesWarning Letter - 10/13/2016Yes
Eaton Veterinary Pharmaceuticals dba Atlas Pharmaceuticals, Phoenix, AZ 11/8/201611/8/2016Not yet inspected N/A N/A Yes 
Edge Pharmacy Services, LLC, Colchester, VT1/21/201411/4/20168/20/2014YesWarning Letter - 11/12/2015Yes
Empower Pharmacy, Houston, TX7/16/201610/13/201611/25/2015YesOpenYes
Exela Pharma Sciences, LLC., Lenoir, NC6/6/20141/12/201611/21/2014YesUntitled Letter - 4/28/2016Yes
Fagron Compounding Services d/b/a Fagron Sterile Services, Wichita, KS10/2/201510/27/20169/21/2016YesOpenYes
Hybrid Pharma, LLC, Deerfield Beach, FL1/14/201512/24/20157/28/2016YesOpenYes
Imprimis NJOF, LLC, Ledgewood, NJ11/12/201611/12/2016Not yet inspectedN/AN/AN/A
ImprimisRx TX, Inc., Allen, TX4/28/20164/28/2016Not yet inspectedN/AN/AYes
INCELL Corp., LLC, San Antonio, TX  5/29/2015 12/18/2015 9/1/2015YesWarning Letter - 10/28/2016Yes 
Infusion Options Inc., Brooklyn, NY1/24/201412/8/20164/23/2014YesWarning Letter - 3/21/2016No
Isomeric Pharmacy Solutions, LLC, Salt Lake City, UT7/14/201512/31/20156/29/2016YesOpenYes
JCB Laboratories, North Wichita, KS
Jubilant HollisterStier LLC, Spokane, WA6/3/201412/31/201512/02/2014YesOpen7Yes
Kings Park Slope, Inc., Brooklyn, NY12/23/201312/31/20154/22/2016YesOpen7Yes
KRS Global Biotechnology, Inc., Boca Raton, FL12/15/201310/27/20158/31/2016YesOpen7Yes
LeeSar, Inc., Fort Myers, FL4/30/201411/11/20168/8/2014YesOpenNo
Leiter's Compounding, 17 Great Oaks Blvd., San Jose, CA1/31/201410/28/201610/7/2014YesWarning Letter - 2/29/2016Yes
Medi-Fare Drug, Blacksburg, SC12/17/201311/9/20169/12/2014YesWarning Letter Closeout - 9/27/2016Yes
Meta Pharmacy Services, Las Vegas, NV10/7/201610/7/2016Not yet inspectedN/AN/AYes
Nephron Sterile Compounding Center, LLC (NSCC), West Columbia, SC7/15/201410/21/20167/6/2016NoOpenYes
Olympia Compounding Pharmacy, Orlando, FL3/10/201411/5/201612/4/2014YesWarning Letter - 2/4/2016Yes
Pacifico National dba Amex Pharmacy, Melbourne, FL9/21/201512/16/20151/21/2016YesOpenYes
Pentec Health, Boothwyn, PA9/21/201611/22/2016Not yet inspectedN/AN/AYes
Pharmaceutic Labs, LLC, Albany, NY3/10/201410/27/20169/23/2015YesOpenYes
Pharmakon Pharmaceuticals, Noblesville, IN1/23/201411/30/20153/16/2016 Resumed operations after cessation of sterile operations and recall of sterile products7No
Pharm D Solutions, LLC, Houston, TX8/6/201410/25/20166/5/2015YesWarning Letter - 12/8/2016Yes
PharMedium Services, LLC, Cleveland, MS
12/11/201310/11/20167/16/2015 OpenNo
PharMedium Services, LLC, Dayton. NJ11/3/201510/11/20165/26/2016YesOpenNo
PharMedium Services, LLC, Memphis, TN12/11/201310/17/20167/10/2015
PharMedium Services, LLC, Sugar Land, TX
Pine Pharmaceuticals, LLC, Tonawanda, NY6/17/201412/8/201610/9/2015YesWarning Letter - 11/7/2016Yes
Premier Pharmacy Labs Inc., Brooksville, FL4/16/201410/31/20166/13/2016YesOpen7Yes
Qualgen LLC, formerly registered as Amerilab LLC, Edmond, OK5/23/201411/8/20169/17/2015YesWarning Letter - 6/3/2016Yes
Queens Express Pharmacy, Jackson Heights, NY5/10/201610/14/20167/11/2016YesOpenYes
Quva Pharma, Inc., Sugar Land, TX9/10/201510/12/20162/8/2016Yes (2/5/2016) and (2/8/2016)OpenNo
QuVa Pharma, Inc., Temple, TX12/15/201510/12/201612/8/2016YesOpenYes
RAM Pharma, Inc. Idaho Falls, ID7/21/20167/21/2016Not yet inspectedN/AN/AYes
RC Outsourcing, LLC, Lowellville, OH10/6/201510/25/20162/9/2016Yes (2/9/2016)and (2/25/2016)Closeout Letter - 7/20/2016Yes
Resource Optimization and Innovation, Springfield, MO9/22/201511/24/201511/29/2016YesOpenNo
Right Value Drug Store dba Carie Boyd's Prescription Shop, Hurst, TX1/11/201611/5/201612/12/2014YesWarning Letter - 7/25/2016Yes
RXQ Compounding LLC, Athens, OH1/2/201511/28/20169/21/2015YesWarning Letter - 5/19/2016Yes
SCA Pharmaceuticals, Little Rock, AR
YesWarning Letter - 6/25/2015Yes
Sincerus Florida, LLC, Pompano Beach, FL3/10/201611/30/20167/15/2016YesOpenYes
SSM St. Clare Health Center, Fenton, MO2/18/201410/26/20168/14/2014YesWarning Letter - 10/19/2015No
STERRX, LLC, Plattsburgh, NY  5/29/2015 11/30/2016 Not yet inspected N/A N/A Yes 
Topicare Management LLC, Conroe, TX2/12/20162/12/2016Not yet inspectedN/AN/ANo
Triangle Compounding Pharmacy, Inc., Cary, NC1/24/201411/21/2016 9/22/2014; 1/16/2015Yes (9/22/2014and 1/16/2015Warning Letter - 11/2/20157 Yes
US Compounding, Inc., Conway, AR12/20/201312/31/20157/15/2016YesResumed operations after cessation of sterile operations and recall of sterile products7Yes
US Specialty Formulations LLC, Bethlehem, PA
1/31/201410/27/20165/29/2015YesWarning Letter - 9/30/2016Yes

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