Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Bolling owned five northwestern Alabama pharmacies that were implicated in the conspiracy: Berry Discount Apothecary in Berry, Bolling Apothecary in Fayette, Hospital Discount Apothecary in Vernon, Brown's Discount Apothecary in Jasper, and Gateway Discount Apothecary in Double Springs. In the course of the Bolling investigation, four other people associated with him have been charged with narcotics offenses. Brown's Discount Apothecary co-owner Joseph Anthony "Stick" Cacioppo, 52, pleaded guilty to conspiring to distribute ketamine HCL, a surgical anesthetic. Teri Jo Tuck, 53, a nurse, pleaded guilty to conspiring to distribute ketamine HCL pursuant to fraudulent prescriptions. Two pharmacists employed by Bolling, Terry Duke, 60, and his brother, Ronnie Duke, 63, were charged today and have entered agreements to plead guilty. Terry Duke's accused crime is distributing prescription painkillers, while Ronnie Duke's charge is knowingly omitting material information from controlled substance records.

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