Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Question of the Day April 29, 2015 Texas Board of Pharmacy has a contract with "Analytical" according to their May 5, 2015 agenda to do compounded pharmaceutical analysis. Does anyone have anymore information on this company? Does the fact that the original cost was $95,000 and the amended cost is now $190,000 mean the Texas Board of Pharamcy is having a lot more compounded preparations tested or were the charges for the services increased for other reasons?

First Lab Analytical
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1 year extension
1 year extension, increase by 100%

Increase by 100% Increase over 100% Increase over 100% Increase by 35%
Original Cost
$0.00 $95,000.00 $1,000.00 $3,223.92 $99.00 $76.00
Amended Cost
$0.00 $190,000 1 $2,000.00 $6,754.88 $199.00 $103.00
Original Term End
8/31/2014 8/31/2014 8/31/2015
completion of services receipt of goods receipt of goods

Amended Term
8/31/2015 8/31/2015
Drug screening
Compounded pharmaceutical analysis

Wellness Grant - Yoga classes
Temporary employee, Enforcement Replacement projector bulb
Shirts, presented as service awards to staff

  1. 1 $190,000 is cummulative total for FY14-15

     Texas Board of Pharmacy Agenda for May 5, 2015 Meeting: Consideration of Material Changes to Contracts for Goods and Services Awarded Under Chapter 2155 of Texas Government Code (Tab 18) 

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