Saturday, September 27, 2014

Second Question of the Day September 27, 2014 There has yet to be any real and meaningful acknowledgment from pharmacists and the major groups that represent them that the compounding pharmacy world is in crisis, has serious dangers and concerns, and that the industry needs to change even if it means less money in their pockets. Instead the focus continues to be on fighting or pushing back, denying the problems are more than a few isolated incidents despite evidence to the contrary. Isn't the first thing the compounding pharmacists and industry needs to do to improve their image and restore faith in them is to acknowledge the problems and take responsiblity for them?

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The Pharmacy Sage said...

Hello and thank you for this post.

In the pharmacy industry, outright denial is commonplace. I hear a lot of anger online about what has been going on, and not a lot of solutions. Your blog continues to be a guiding light for many.

A problem I see again and again is the problem of "Sacred Cows". I explain what this means in my latest blog post. I hope you'll read it and respond with your thoughts.

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