Veterinary Compounding and Regulatory Update
When: May 6, 2014 – 7pm – 9pm
Where: Port City Veterinary Refferal Hospital
Contact: Ed Carlson, CVT Technician Learning & Development Specialist Direct office line 781-305-2290
Lecture summary: Discussion will provide an overview of available veterinary compounded dosage forms and their benefits and limitations. Current federal and state regulations regarding veterinary compounding will be discussed. Discussion will also provide an overview of current procedures for ADR reporting and the importance of reporting these events. Review of new veterinary products and the current state of veterinary drug shortages and how to manage them.
Presenter bio: Justin A. McDowell RPh, FACVP, Pharmacist, IVG Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy – Justin McDowell received his Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy (1998) from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in Boston, MA, and completed a fellowship at the American College of Veterinary Pharmacists (2011) in Bartlett, Tennessee. He completed formal compounding training through the Professional Compounding Centers of America, and has worked in a variety of pharmacy practice settings including retail, hospice, oncology, manufacturing, long-term care, hospital and of course compounding. Justin is a member of the Society of Veterinary Hospital Pharmacists and is a respected member of the veterinary pharmacy community with over 15 years of pharmacy experience.

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