Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Question of the Day August 28, 2013 In light of the issues at Front Range Laboratories Inc. and the estimate that it tested compounds for 100 compounding pharmacies in 32 states will Congress act quickly in September to help give the FDA the much needed resources to get this enormous problem with compounding preparations under control?

As we are seeing there are issues on the front end of compounding with the bulk powders, issues with the actual compounding (sterility and potency) and now with the testing laboratories with  blurred or no lines as to who oversees what it.  Compounding pharmacists who feared what federal regulation would do to their business now have far greater concerns-lack of trust by the public, liability issues, etc. with potential federal regulation being the least of the worries and potentially a blessing to the good compounders doing it right.  With these overwhelming and out-of-control issues in the compounding world, Congress would be doing a grave injustice to the American people if it does not pass some form of federal legislation. 

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