Saturday, January 5, 2013

Some Tough Questions to Answers: Is Pharmacy Really Pharmacy? Should Veterinary (Animal) Compounding Rules Be Different From Medical (Human) Compounding?

One of my friends has at times said Pharmacy is Pharmacy and the same rules apply whether it is veterinary compounding or medical compounding.  But should this be true?  Should there be different rules for each or should the rules be the same?  Should a pharmacy be allowed to just do veterinary compounding because they view it to have less liability issue because not as many people question if an animal dies as they do if a human dies. Plus no one tracks the animal deaths caused by bad compounding.  People notice when 21 horses die at one time, but how about when one cat dies at a time over a year from bad compounding?  Who is keeping track of that?  Who is even noticing?  So shouldn't every compounder be required to compound both human and animal drugs in order to ensure top notch standards?  What do you think?

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