Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Repost: Are States That Are Doing Away With Office Use Having a Knew Jerk Reaction and Not Really Understanding Benefits and Need for Office Use

Office use is absolutely essential in a veterinary practice.  Ask any vet. Each state, that has a specific rule dealing with office use, has its own interpretation regarding what office use allows. Louisiana  passed an emergency order regarding office use.  A lot of states are amending their office use regulations and statutes in light of the meningitis outbreak.  However, is office use in the veterinary world really the problem?  Is it even the problem in the human side?  Aren't these states' overreacting and creating more confusion and possibly less compliance than pre-NECC outbreak.  Is this another example of where pharmacy is not pharmacy and there should be one set of pharmacy rules relating to compounds used to treat animals and one set for compounds used to treat humans?   Before states begin making changes or more specifically taking away office use shouldn't they contact and hear from those who understand the benefits and importance of office use?  What is the alternative if office use is not allowed ?  Is the alternative practical?  Pharmacists, the ones making, these decisions, about the rules, are not the ones who may know what is best in this area?  Being proactive does not mean having a knee-jerk reaction and doing something that is unworkable, unnecessary and does nothing to solve the problem that is the ultimate issue.

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