Wednesday, January 2, 2013

FDA Blog The Prosecution of Gary D. Osborn-An Old School Park Prosecution

On January 01, 2013, John R. Fleder at the FDA Blog wrote an a great article entitled The Prosecution of Gary D. Osborn-An Old School "Park" Prosecution?.  To read this blog, click here

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Kenneth Woliner, MD said...

Gary Osborn, R.Ph., as a licensed pharmacist, but also owner of his pharmacy, "Apothecure", was fully aware of how his pharmacy engages in manufacturing and wholesale distribution of compounded drugs. Admittedly, the compounding error that caused the deaths related to IV colchicine may have been caused by his employees, but as the sole owner of this pharmacy, he is ultimately responsible. No jail time, but hopefully, other states that Apothecure has licenses in will implement their "reciprocal discipline" for this pharmacy pleading guilty to violations of the FFDCA.